In 1988
Hydraulic rock splitter in 1996
Established Hwacheon Precision co.
In 1996
Applied for patents of utility model on rock splitter
In 1997
Applied for patents of new design
In 1998
Developed a hydraulic pump of high pressure (3000kgf/㎠)
In 1999
Hydraulic rock splitter in 2002
Registering patents of utility model
In 2001
Changed company name to Hwacheon Engineering 
In 2002
Moved factory to present location
In 2003
succeeded development of HRD splitters.
Applied for patents of utility model on rock splitters.

In 2004
Exhibition at Shanghai.
Exported HRD splitter to China
In 2005
Export HRD rock splitters to New York U.S.A
Hydraulic rock splitter in 2003

In 2013
New design HRD rock splitter

Hydraulic rock splitter in 2013