About Us

The strong emphasis that is now placed on environmentally-friendly construction work prompted us to develop our first rock splitting machines in 1996. Up to that time, various methods of rock splitting were used to avoid problems related to drilling and blasting. These included controlled blasting using only small amounts of explosives, chemical expanding agents, cracking capsules and splitting by hydraulic wedges.

We have invested a lot of time and energy in developing splitting cylinders of varying capacity which are durable under high pressure of over 2,000 tons/m². The problem is that the rocks are so diverse and some hard rocks are very stubborn and resistant even to high impact methods of splitting. So we designed our own model of hydraulic rock splitter to overcome this problem.

Another task we set ourselves was to attain higher levels of productivity even in soundless or vibration-free rock splitting. Previously, only low productivity was possible in these situations but we use an efficient method of rock splitting fairly close to detonation. As a result, our method is better and faster, yet also more economical.

Engineered for heavy-duty work, our rock splitting machines are efficient and environmentally-friendly. Whatever the size of your construction job, we have the right equipment to help you complete it cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact. We look forward to doing business with you and contributing to your company's success.